Meet the Halls

  Meet the Halls in Hoffman Estates, IL

If you've ever purchased a car or brought one in for service at Audi Hoffman Estates, you've likely met one of the Halls. The Hall family - comprised of patriarch Michael Hall, his sons Brian and Scott Hall, and grandson Keegan Hall - know how to treat customers like family, because they see their family in the workplace every day!

Michael Hall-

Michael Hall has worked with Audi for over 50 years, first as District Sales Manager for the Central Region for Audi of America, then as the owner of his own Audi store. In fact, Michael Hall was the owner of the first standalone Audi dealership in the U.S.! Over his decades with the Audi brand, Michael has enjoyed seeing the development of the quattro® all-wheel drive system and the introduction of the SUV lineup.

Brian Hall-

Brian Hall, who serves as General Manager at Audi Hoffman Estates, notes "while my time with the Audi brand hasn't been as long as my father's, I would have to say I have seen enough changes to make anyone excited over what Audi has to offer". In particular, Brian has loved the introduction of the motorsports-inspired RS models. He hopes to eventually see RS models added to the SUV lineup.

Scott Hall-

Scott Hall, Brian's brother and a service consultant at Audi Hoffman Estates, shares his brother's love of the RS lineup, enough to drive an RS3 of his own. All three Halls are excited to see how Audi's planned electric models will pave the way forward for the brand in the coming years.

Keegan Hall-

The youngest Hall, Keegan, was inspired to enter the family business thanks to a lifelong passion for cars. Says Keegan, "I have grown up around cars, and the Audi brand has always been a part of my life…I want to continue learning about Audi vehicles and eventually become a Certified Audi Technician."

Outside of the dealership's walls, the tight-knit Hall family explores their love of motorsports in other ways. In the winter months, you'll often find them hitting the slopes of Colorado on their snowmobiles, while in the summer months they enjoy hitting the racetrack - both on motorcycles and behind the wheel of racecars.

Next time you are interested in adding a new luxury sports car to your driveway, make sure to visit Audi Hoffman Estates and let the Halls show you why Audi is a brand worth your loyalty.