Audi Recall Services near Schaumburg, IL

Have you received a notice that your Audi vehicle is under an open recall, or suspect that your Audi vehicle may be affected by an ongoing recall, such as the Takata airbag recall? If so, your repair will be performed free of charge when you bring your Audi model into the authorized Audi service center at Audi Hoffman Estates near Schaumburg, IL. The goal of a recall service is provide owners of affected vehicles with safe, free, and effective solutions to recall-related risks or part defects. 

Our aim is to ensure that recall services and repairs cause as little inconvenience to your routine as possible. That's why we keep a large inventory of genuine Audi replacement parts in stock, and keep our service department open every weekday from 7:00am-7:00pm to make it easier to arrange vehicle drop-off and pickup around your schedule.

To check if your Audi model is under open recall, enter your VIN number. To schedule a recall service appointment, call 877-343-3811 or fill out our appointment form. If you've received a recall letter in the mail, please bring the letter with you to your appointment.


Audi Recall Information

These notices are being posted in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Please feel free to call Audi Hoffman Estates at 877-343-3811 to see if your vehicle qualifies for one of these repairs at no charge.


Vehicles Affected

51B7/JU Service the air plenum area to improve drainage

Some 2002 model year Audi A4's and A6's

70D4/J6 Replace middle clip of the "A" pillar cover

Some 2009 model year Audi Q5's

28F2/J1 Inspect and replace ignition coils if necessary

2001 through 2007 model year Audi gasoline engine vehicles

JL00/JL Replace the fuel pump

2003 model year Audi A4 quattro's with 1.8L and 3.0L engines, and A6's with 3.0L engines

JN00/JN Rerouting of the headlight switch wiring harness with installation of a jumper wiring harness 

1998 through 2004 model year Audi A6 sedans and Avants, also 2001 through 2005 Allroads with halogen low beam headlights

37D5/J2 Automatic transmission locking cable modification

1996 through 2003 model year Audi A8's with 5-speed automatic transmissions

55E5/JV Automatic rear lid software update

2006 through 2008 model year Audi A6 Avants and 2007 through 2008 model year Q7's

20L8/JY Reinforce fuel tank rollover valve nipple

2001 through 2004 model year Audi A6 quattro vehicles with 2.7L, 2.8L, and 3.0L engines, also 2001 through 2005 model year Allroads with 2.7L and 4.2L engines

19H1/F1 Coolant pump replacement

2010 through 2011 model year Audi vehicles with a 3.0L or 3.2L engine

19H3/4F Engine Thermostat Replacement

2010 through 2011 model year Audi vehicles with a 3.0L engine

24U8/K9 Engine Wiring Harness and Update ECM

2011 through 2012 model year Audi R8 and R8 Spyder

24X4/L2 S6 and S8 Ecm Update for O2 Sensors

2008 model year Audi S6 and S8

JQ00/JQ A8 Driver's Front Airbag

2004 and 2005 model year Audi A8

35B1/J8 A3 and TT Mechatronics Unit Replacement

2007 through 2009 model year Audi A3, TT, and TT Roadster Equipped with DSG

37G6/K3 A8 ECM and TCM Software Update & Sunroof Wind Deflector

2011 model year Audi A8

50A6/K7 Incorrect Emmisions Label for 3.2L Engines 

2009 model year Audi A4, A4 Cab, A6, & A5 vehicles with 3.2L Engines

55H1/K8 Diesel Fuel Labels for A3 and Q7TDI Vehicles

All Audi A3 TDI and Q7 TDI Clean Diesel Vehicles

60B2/L3 Q5 Sunroof Glass Panel

2012 model year Audi Q5 with Sunroof Glass Panel

20Q3/J3 A3 and TT Fuel Tank Ventillation Valve

2006 through 2010 model year Audi A3 and 2008 through 2010 model year Audi TT and TT Roadster

23J8/K5 A3 Common Rail Diesel Fuel Line Replacement

2010 through 2012 model year Audi A3 TDI 

37E5/J7 TCM Update on A3 and TT

2009 through 2010 model year Audi A3 & 2009 model year TT and TT Roadster with DSG Transmission

69I5/K4 Sideguard Head Curtain Airbag

2012 model year Audi A6

19I4/L4 A6 Radiator Mountings

2009-2011 model year A6 3.0L TFSI®

20U3/L9 A3TDI Misfueling Guard

2010-2012 model year A3TDI

69K5/D2 Airbag Programming Update

2013-2015 model year A4, S4 and Allroad

JT00/JT Q7 Owners Manual Incorrect Lug Torque Specifications

2007 model year Q7

23L2/L7 Differential Pressure Sensor/ECM Software 

2009-2012 model year Q7 3.0 TDI

47L8/4L Vacuum Lines for Brake Booster

2013 model year Q7TDI

24AY/3L ECM Software Update

2008 model year S5 with 4.2L Engine and Manual Transmission

74D5 Replace the passenger occupant detection system (PODS)

2012-2018 Audi A6 and A7, 2013-2018 Audi S6 and S7, and 2014-2018 Audi RS7 models equipped with basic seats