Audi Battery Replacement Services near Schaumburg, IL

Modern vehicles, and especially luxury brands like Audi, rely more and more on advanced software not simply to provide entertainment, but to power onboard computers and dozens of features from the steering to seat adjustment. This allows for levels of convenience and vehicle performance tracking and diagnostics never before seen, but also puts a larger strain on the battery. If you've been experiencing battery problems, make an appointment at Audi Hoffman Estates to have your battery tested.

Audi Battery Replacement

Typically, your car battery should be replaced every three years. What are signs your Audi may be in need of a new battery?

  • Turns over three or more times before starting
  • Needs a jump more than three times in one week
  • Dim headlights and/or dashboard lights
  • Radio or other electronics shutting off intermittently
  • Rough idle
  • Battery light illuminated on dashboard
  • Swollen battery case
  • Corrosion on battery terminals

To extend your battery life, make sure to leave lights, air conditioning, and radio off when the car is not running, drive the vehicle at least once a week to give the battery a chance to recharge, and keep the terminals clear of dirt and dust.

Battery replacement is an easy and relatively inexpensive procedure. If you are in need of a new battery for your Audi coupe, sedan, or crossover, make an appointment at the Audi Hoffman Estates service center near Schaumburg, IL area.