Audi Tire Services in Hoffman Estates, IL

"When is the right time to change my tires?" This is a question Hoffman Estates, IL area drivers often have for the service team at Audi of Hoffman Estates. Tire replacement is an essential part of maintaining the high-performance level of any Audi vehicle, which is why our team decided to put together a list of five signs to look for before scheduling tire service at our Audi dealership.

  • Tread Wear. Tire tread is essential, especially when driving on slick roads of Hoffman Estates, IL due to rain showers and winter months. If your tires have wear bars, you'll be able to tell it's time to change your tires when you see the rubber bars appear. Otherwise, take a penny and stick it into the tire's tread. If you can see Lincoln's head, it's time to bring in your vehicle for tire service.
  • Cracks in the Sidewall. The sidewall is the side of the tire where the tire logo is located. If Hoffman Estates, IL drivers spot any cuts or cracks in the sidewall, it could mean a leak or blowout may occur in the near future.
  • Bulges and Bumps. It's time to change tires if you notice any large lumps or bulges on the side. These could be popping up due to low tire pressure or a slow air leak.
  • Low Tire Pressure. As any Hoffman Estates, IL driver knows, temperatures can get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter. In both cases, your tires get deflated; so if tire pressure isn't the same as what's recommended by the decal in your glove box, it's time to seek out tire services.
  • Vibration. Excessive vibration while driving is never a good sign, so Hoffman Estates, IL drivers should take their vehicle in for tire services immediately after they notice it. If the shaking is coming from under the seats, it may be a sign that the rear tires need to be changed, specifically.

If Hoffman Estates, IL drivers notice any of these issues, they can trust the service department at our dealership to handle any tire services they may require. Getting a tire rotation from our team is an effective way to avoid faulty tires. Tire rotations involve moving the tires in a manufacturer-specified pattern, resulting in a number of benefits.


  • Wear is more distributed among tires.
  • Tire traction is improved when wear is even among tires.
  • Routine tire rotation may mean less need for overall tire replacement.

To get any questions answered or to schedule a tire replacement or tire rotation, Hoffman Estates, IL residents can contact our service department by phone or through our website.


We understand the impulse to want to drive your Audi everywhere. But is your well-loved Audi car or SUV riding on well-worn tires? If your tires' treads are worn near flat, it is past time to replace them.
Choosing the proper tires for your Audi car or SUV is an incredibly important decision. When engineers first perfected your Audi model, extensive evaluations were undertaken to determine the perfect tire so that not an ounce of performance or comfort was lost when you brought it home. When your Audi wants to slip through the wind, glide over uneven road, or grip the pavement despite rain or snow, why let something like worn out or inferior tires get in its way?
If it is time to replace your tires, visit our tire service center in Hoffman Estates, IL to find a wide selection of Audi approved tires. Our inventory includes tires specifically designed for your Audi model to selections from all the major brands, including:
  • Audi Original - AO & RO1
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
Our certified auto service advisors and technicians are here to help drivers pick out a set of new tires that meet their needs, whether those lean to a longer tread life, more comfort, or greater fuel efficiency through rolling resistance. Our tires are always high quality and competitively priced.
Schedule a visit to our Audi tire center in Hoffman Estates to find the right tires for your Audi car or SUV today, or call (877) 343-3811 to speak with a tire specialist.