Audi Transmission Services near Schaumburg, IL

Our Audi dealership serving Schaumburg, IL offers transmission services for all Audi owners in the area. Regardless of whether you drive a model with an efficient, smooth automatic or selected your Audi for the control a manual transmission provides, our skilled technicians are qualified to perform the repair work you need.

Audi Transmission Repair

The most important component of your vehicle's drivetrain is the transmission. It's the part of your vehicle tasked with ensuring the right amount of power is transferred from the engine to the wheels. What are the signs your Audi may be in need of transmission repair?

  • Unnatural shifting - if there is hesitation, slipping, or jerking when you shift, take heed.
  • Unusual noises - grinding, whining, buzzing, and clunking are all sounds to look out for.
  • Fluid leaks - If you notice reddish fluid on your driveway or in your garage, it could be a transmission fluid leak.
  • Burnt or cloudy transmission fluid - transmission fluid should be reddish in color and smell sweet. Dark, burnt-smelling transmission fluid should be flushed and the transmission inspected for damage.

Audi Transmission Replacement

Replacing your transmission can be an extensive ordeal, and is something best left to those who specialize in transmission repair and replacement. Not every auto body repair center is qualified to handle transmission problems. When dealing with a luxury brand like Audi, why would you trust your car to anyone who wasn't trained by the manufacturer?

If you suspect your transmission is damaged, possibly to the point of requiring replacement, get to the auto service center at Audi Hoffman Estates right away. Schedule an appointment to have your transmission inspected with our online service scheduler, or call (888) 548-6440 today.