Audi Virtual Cockpit In-Depth Review near Chicago, IL    Most modern cars and SUVs come with an infotainment screen and likely even a trip computer nestled in the instrument panel. Audi, however, is never one to settle for the status quo. When you drive a new Audi coupe, sedan, or crossover SUV, you will be treated to a stunning virtual display designed to be the best co-pilot you've ever had. Read our review below to learn more.

What is the Audi Virtual Cockpit?

Unlike the large display screens imbedded into the gauge cluster of most new luxury cars, the Audi Virtual Cockpit is an entirely digital instrument panel. That includes a digital speedometer and tachometer. Spanning 12.3-in., it has incredibly crisp graphics thanks to a display resolution of 1140 x 540 pixels, and almost no lag thanks to a frame rate of 60fps.

Drivers can control the Audi Virtual Cockpit from the steering wheel, or using the MMI® rotary controller. Because the Audi Virtual Cockpit includes most of the same information also housed on the central display screen, Audi drivers no longer have to take their eyes off the road to see the name of a song or check the navigation.

What can you do with the Audi Virtual Cockpit?

  • View date and time
  • View fuel consumption for both current and recent trips
  • View and choose between Audi drive select modes
  • View and select radio stations, including favorite stations
  • View and select phone contacts, including favorite contacts and recently dialed numbers
  • View full-screen Google Maps with zoom function, as well as favorite and recently selected destinations

Audi Virtual Cockpit Views

The Audi Virtual Cockpit comes with three distinct "views" or layouts. Each is designed for a different purpose to make it easier for drivers to access the information they need, depending on what they are doing.

Classic Mode

This view is the most similar to a traditional instrument cluster, and is the best option for regular driving. The Classic layout features a prominent speedometer and tachometer bracketing a media/driver driver information box. Other Information such as the time, outside temperature, fuel level, and engine temperature runs along the bottom.



Infotainment Mode

This view is integrated with the infotainment system, and is the best choice for accessing MMI® and Audi connect® features while driving. The Infotainment layout shrinks the gauges and enlarges the central image to make it easier to select infotainment options. It can expand the map across the entire screen, display cover art for your music, and more.



Sport Mode

This view is ideal for when you want to explore the capabilities of your Audi, like on a track day. It enlarges the tachometer and places it front and center, with driving information such as the map to either side. It can also display gear selection and a lap timer.



Audi Heads Up Display (HUD)

The Audi Head Up Display is a new piece of technology that projects important information onto the lower section of the windshield above the steering wheel. What information is displayed, the image height, and image brightness can all be adjusted from the MMI® system.

Information that can be displayed includes:

  • Current speed and speed limit
  • Turn-by-turn navigation directions
  • Driver assistance system alerts
  • Road sign information
Because the images are high-contrast, they are easy to see. They will appear to hover about 6 ft. in front of the driver. Audi is the first automaker to offer a full-color Head Up Display.
  Audi Heads Up Display In-Depth Review near Chicago, IL 

See the Audi Virtual Cockpit in Action

Are you interested in seeing the Audi Virtual Cockpit or Head Up Display at work first-hand? Come in to Audi Hoffman Estates near Chicago, IL to take a new Audi model for a test drive. One of our product specialists will be on hand to show you how to access each feature. Once you see how these Audi technologies can improve your life, the decision will be easy to make. Browse our new inventory to pick out your new Audi vehicle, or call (888) 698-1441 for more information about these technologies.