Audi Engine Services near Schaumburg, IL

Audi is known for building cars designed for performance and beloved for their dynamic, highly responsive handling. So there is little that is more disheartening than seeing a powerful and exhilarating machine like an Audi burdened with engine damage. The auto technicians at our Audi auto service and repair center serving Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding area have the experience and specialized knowledge to get your Audi up and running again.

Audi Engine Oil

Audi engines must always use engine oil that conforms to the applicable Audi oil quality standard to avoid potentially damaging the engine. Damage caused by using the wrong engine oil will not be covered under warranty. Check with an Audi service advisor to learn which engine oil brands and viscosities are approved for use in your vehicle at your next oil change. 

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Audi Engine Repair and Rebuilding

If it is determined that your Audi requires an engine rebuild, the engine will be removed, disassembled, parts replaced or reconditioned as necessary, then reassembled and installed back into your vehicle. What are some of the signs that your engine requires repair or rebuilding?

  • Flashing check engine light - Any time the check engine light turns on, you should bring in your Audi for inspection, but a flashing light indicates a major issue.
  • Rough idle/sudden loss of power/stalling - If this occurs, have your Audi towed to an Audi repair center immediately.
  • Excessive exhaust smoke - White smoke likely indicates a blown head gasket or damaged cylinder head; black smoke may be caused by a leaking fuel injector or clogged air filter; blue smoke is caused by an engine oil leak.
  • Loud banging, knocking, or chattering noises - This usually means the engine bearings have worn out and have failed or are close to failing.
  • Metal flakes in your engine oil - This indicates that metal is rubbing together in your engine, meaning your oil is not properly lubricating moving components.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, make an appointment today to have your engine inspected at our Audi repair center near Schaumburg, IL.

Audi Engine Replacement

Depending on the type of damage sustained and the mileage on your engine, it may make more economic sense to replace the faulty engine than to rebuild it. Replacing the engine has the benefit of effectively doubling the service life of your Audi.  Our Audi experts can locate an engine compatible with your year and model and replace it quickly and easily so you can get back to your life with as little inconvenience as possible. To discuss your engine repair or replacement options with an expert at Audi Hoffman Estates, call (847) 843-9900.