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If your Audi sedan, SUV, wagon, or sports car is in need of brake repair, bring it to the service center at Audi Hoffman Estates in Hoffman Estates, IL.

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Do you frequently drive in heavy traffic? Does your Audi sit in the garage for days at a time, after being in the rain or snow? Is your odometer reading in excess of 30,000 to 70,000 miles?

Brake systems wear with use, and overutilization or underutilization can cause issues to arise more quickly. Also, with today’s driver assistance technologies ― such as automatic braking, collision warning, and traction control systems ― a crash or other disturbance can alter their effectiveness, requiring recalibration.

Let the Audi-trained technicians at Audi Hoffman Estates in Hoffman Estates, IL, help. Audi recommends a brake system inspection every 10,000 miles ― or once a year ― to ensure there is no damage or wear and tear issues. However, if you are hearing an unfamiliar noise, or your steering wheel is vibrating or pulling to one side, or your tires are wearing unevenly, schedule a service appointment or contact our service center at (888) 548-6440. Our service experts will diagnose the situation and fix the problem to your complete satisfaction.

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From a brake alignment check, to brake fluid testing and exchange, to brake pad or rotor replacement, the service team at Audi Hoffman Estates will care for your Audi vehicle in our state-of-the-art service center facility. Our technicians are Audi trained and have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to ensure your vehicle receives precision attention and diagnosis.

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At Audi Hoffman Estates, we work hard to make every experience you have with us rewarding and worry-free. Your Audi vehicle is precision engineered for high performance, and it deserves the highest level of attention from technicians that know your vehicle inside and out.

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Popular Audi Brake Services

Audi Brake Pad Replacement

If you hear a squeak or grinding noise coming from your brakes, it may be time to replace your brake pads and/or resurface or replace your rotors. Sometimes the noise can be the result of dust or rust collecting in your brake pads or rotors, and you’ll find it dissipates after you’ve applied your brakes a few times. We can take a look at your brake system and assess whether your vehicle needs any replacement, repair, or resurfacing work of critical components.

Generally speaking, Audi brake pads require replacing every 30,000 to 70,000 miles, which is influenced by how and where you drive, such as in heavy traffic or on dirt roads. If your vehicle needs a brake pad replaced, it is recommended you replace both the front or both the rear brake pads at the same time.

Audi Brake Caliper Maintenance

Driving in harsh weather conditions like we do here in Illinois can potentially create issues for your brake calipers. For example, salt that is placed on the roads during the winter months can find its way onto your calipers ― causing them to stick, corrode, or lock up, which could lead to a brake pad being pushed against a rotor. The corrosive nature of salt or water can also wreak havoc with your brake hose or brake line ― causing it to crack, stick, or deteriorate and leak brake fluid.

Audi Brake Fluid Replacement

When you schedule your regular maintenance and oil change visit, your Audi service technician will look at and top off your brake fluids and replace them, if necessary, with products specifically recommended for your Audi vehicle. Brake fluids can break down over time or become contaminated, which can cause the brakes to malfunction. Brake fluids typically require replacement every 50,000 miles. Refer to your owner’s manual or ask our service center team for information specific to your Audi model.

Audi Brake Check

To maintain your brakes and keep them in proper working order, it’s a good idea to have the entire brake system ― brake pads, rotors, fluids, and hoses ― periodically inspected to determine whether you need to have your brake fluid flushed, a hose replaced, or a rotor resurfaced. Refer to your owner’s manual for information on your Audi model, or contact our service team at (888) 548-6440 for assistance.

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Trust our experienced and trained technicians at Audi Hoffman Estates for all your Audi vehicle maintenance and repair needs. View our current service coupons to save on your next visit, schedule a service appointment online, or call our service center at (888) 548-6440.

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