Audi Shows Off Concept With Android OS at Google Conference


The Google I/O developer conference that ran from May 17-19th in Mountain View, California was the stage where seven thousand attendees and millions of online viewers first got to see the new Audi Q8 sport concept technology platform. This system showed the potential of the Android™ operating system to be fully and seamlessly integrated into vehicles.

In the Audi model on display, Spotify, Google Play Music, Google Maps, and Google Assistant apps were all available and controlled via Audi’s proprietary MMI® touch infotainment system. Additionally, key information from the apps was visible in the Audi virtual cockpit. Also included was a message center that displayed incoming calls and texts.

Android Open Source has a lot of potential for the future of technology in cars, as this Audi Q8 concept vehicle shows. 1.8 billion people worldwide use Android OS, and we can expect new apps to quickly find their way into Audi vehicles for drivers and passengers to enjoy once seamless integration is incorporated into a greater number of new vehicles.

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