quattro® All-Wheel Drive


Driving in Chicagoland during the winter months is no easy feat considering the mass amount of snow the area accumulates. Equipping your vehicle with snow tires is an excellent way to prevent slippage on icy roads, but Audi offers an even better way to gain full control of your vehicle when the elements are against you.

The legendary Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system has served drivers for over 35 years to help them get the absolute best performance out of their Audi sedan, crossover, wagon, or SUV.

Take a look at our new vehicle inventory to see which quattro®-equipped Audi models and trim packages we have available.

How Does Audi quattro® All-Wheel Drive Work?

Audi engineers took a different route for their all-wheel drive system, replacing a heavy traditional transfer box with a center differential, which evenly distributes the engine's torque to all four wheels regardless of individual speed. Only one differential is used to split torque between front and rear wheels instead of mounting one on each axle. If slippage is detected, the axles will connect and deliver a variable split of torque.

Test-Drive a quattro® Equipped Audi Model

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